FEM Powers

This workshop is about learning FEMFeminine Energy Management.

Every human being possesses feminine energy within whether we use it or not, is our free will choice. We can deny it, we can resist it or embrace it and build it our way. The option is for you to choose and the results will inevitably be different. Feminine energy can be embraced by men and women, regardless the gender, the feminine energy is always accessible and will unlock other behaviours that the masculine energy does not offer.

The connection, I will share a different perspective of femininity by Being you. When it comes to femininity, there is no “should be” template. The femininity is as unique as each individual. Therefore the connection is within. Through practical exercises you will connect with your own feminine energy.

The application, as we explore the different behaviours of femininity, we learn to manage them and make them serve us when we require them. It is the self-awareness on our own femininity that allows us to build it and own it. This is the opportunity to turn this consciousness into powers.

* Available in french, english and spanish.