This is my story…


I’m Carolina, feminine from top to bottom and inside-out. Proud of my femininity and expressing it fully and entirely by being me.

I live my softness, my beauty, my elegance, my refinement, my vulnerability, my intuition, my playfulness, my filtration, and my desires with intention and intensity every day.

I have learned to manage my feminine energy so that it serves me as a power to achieve my goals, regardless the type of job, industry or position I have been in. I have been able to bring upfront my feminine energy and set up the difference leaving my mark in every place I have been.

I am now devoted to share my perspective of feminine with others and help them to connect to feminine energy.


Not always been like that …

It has been an unfolding discovery and transformation process that I have walked thought, like anything else, step by step. I was educated to follow the ‘’normal“ path of education, fortunately, we were able to make it, and so I did: in science, quality assurance, and management. In my spare time, I have always been passionate about personal growth and spiritual expansion.

As I walk through my professional life, often people express to me: “… you are so feminine!” or … you are so beautiful!” or … she is always so elegant!”. At the beginning, it was a remark I didn’t give too much attention to, usually I smile and say thank you. For some reason, I used to believe all those qualifiers were kind of “normal“ in every woman.

The focus of my attention was on developing a ‘’successful“ life, and not on my physical aspect. Therefore I never put too much attention to it. I was in the “Doing” mode, but I have done it “my way”. I have been in many types of jobs, in different positions, in different countries, in different languages and interacted with people of a multiplicity of cultures, nevertheless what has made it “my way” was that I have intuitively been using my own feminine energy, resulting in a personal mark, always generating a point of conversation.

Aha moment !!

It was through those spare times moments of spiritual expansion that my meditation and introspection allow me to observe that those remarks of femininity, elegance, and beauty keep consistently appearing crossing hierarchies, borders, cultures, and languages. I noticed that, those qualifiers were not ‘’normal’’ in every woman and that I was intuitively generating an effect and opening the dialogue.

It was not the doing that generates the effect, was the ‘’my way’ that stands out of the crowd. The ‘’my way” comes from Being. The more I was being me, the more I was able to identify a feminine aspect that I could manage it and adapted to the current situation.

Feminine energy is a vibration that comes from the state of Being and unfolds different behaviours that can be used in our daily life. Feminine energy is constantly present within us whether we use it or not.

I was able to learn to connect to that energy and consciously use it. I have created a simple path that anyone can follow to connect to their own feminine energy by being themselves and raise their conscience on their own feminine powers that I teach through my workshop: FEM Powers. Click the link to know more.

“Listen to your Being… and if you are a little silent you will start feeling your way. Be the person you are… maturity is accepting the responsibility of Being oneself, whatsoever the cost…”