by Carolina


What if all we know about the feminine energy is yet to be discovered?

What if femininity comes from the inside, instead of the outside?

What if being feminine starts with consciousness?

What if feminine behaviour goes beyond gender?

‘’Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Hi ! I am Carolina.

This is my perspective of femininity…

Femininity is an energy vibration activated through the state of being. It is present in every human, regardless the gender. When we connect to this energy, our manifested behaviours become incredibly powerful.

I stand for...

“Living femininity from within through the uniqueness of our identity.

Using feminine energy in our daily activities. It will soften the world and bring more caring people alive.

Disabling the paradigms of femininity and feminine behaviour to set us free and to open an infinite field of possibilities.

The ability to use feminine behaviours by men and women consciously and unleash their powers.”



”A miracle is simply a shift in perception, a graceful act one actually places upon themselves that sets the Universe in motion to comply to ones level of consciousness with Its level of consciousness, thus producing a miracle.”

Maureen Moss

I believe feminine energy has not been used by humanity to its full extension. I believe it has been neglected, misunderstood and framed into a superficial box that imprisons the powers of this energy. I believe that we lost the connection and comprehension of our own femininity. I believe that we —men and women living in oneness— need to explore, connect and manage our own feminine energy to balance the energetic field of the planet.


Feminine energy is about Being. It is time to BE!

Here, I share a different perspective of the feminine in each of us, to which I stand for.

It is through my workshop that we explore the… FEM Powers.

If you choose to live differently the feminine in you , I invite you to walk with me in this journey of the Feminine Perspective by Carolina.

Hi ! I’m Carolina

I’m a professional in science, quality assurance and management. Within the current “masculin” world, I succeeded in keeping my femininity alive. I’m passionate about the powers of feminine energy. I love helping people find new powers as they connect to their own feminine energy.

FEM Powers

Feminine Energy Management. Find out more about empowering yourself through feminine energy. Learn to manage it and raise your energy, your joy and your intuition. Achieve all you want without ever denying your own femininity.

The Feminine Expression

The feminine expression is about energy, consciousness, self care, elegance and more. In my blog you’ll find inspirational stories, FEM powers and practical tips to help you to tune with your feminine power.