The Feminine Expression

by Carolina

The earrings of courage

The earrings of courage. Like in the emotional world, for me the physical world has to be meaningful. Every object that surrounds me incarnate a story that goes with it. The object vibrates and irradiates the story I have lived with that particular object. It is a...

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In my world, No mistakes !

In my world, there are no mistakes! A mistake according to the dictionary is: “ … an action or judgment that is misguided or wrong.” Hum, not need to be smart to say that all those words together doesn’t vibrate with any good energy! At least not love and above. I...

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Honoring your current state

Honoring your current state, is your door out! After the Bing Bang explosion, the evolution starts its way and has never stopped since. We are part of the universe and as such we live in the process of evolution constantly between us, around us and within us. It is...

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Naked Mirror Effect

The Naked Mirror Effect Yesterday, I saw a short film about a group of men that were taken into a retreat of four days, to explore their masculinity, from another angle, and perhaps their femininity. During the retreat there were several exercises, but one...

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Love Yourself Unconditionally

Why is so hard to love yourself unconditionally? For me and for many people that I have met, judging ourselves, is part of the common dialogue. Whether, I do it sometimes through my internal dialogue or I expressed it openly, my own judgment is poisonous. It is...

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Love messages !!

Feminine energy is a loving energy.

I write with intense love and passion. It will be my honour to receive your encouragement through your love notes!

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